Welcome to Shoebox Kits. We are a technology company.

Shoebox Kits was created to provide fun with learning in a kit format.
Our learning format uses our modular electronics training platform.
This is our 13th year of using this platform.

Our team pulls together and gives away a host of resources to teach technical skills in an overall STEM perspective.

We also have a sister company Soldner LED Lighting, LLC.
Soldner LED Lighting, LLC provided our advertising, sales and product fulfillment activities.

So if you click THE STORE icon from any page, it opens a new tab for the Shoebox Kits Store Pages on our sister site. You can create an account and order and pay for items on that website.

While you are there you might find something else interesting to order.

Soldner LED Lighting, LLC is hosted on and has the eCommerce credit card processing security of Shopify.

We are glad you are here.

We believe some people like to learn new information while making something using their hands. We have designed our kits using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning concepts. Our products are used by designers, architects, engineers, do-it-yourself people, in classroom instruction, and by students, hobbyists, and tinkerers.

Following the Index Tab above will lead you to our electronics area. In this area we provide our free abbreviated online version of our training materials in our modular format.

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