We are a STEM technology company.

This site contains materials from our creative learning and development team. Our materials and training methods have roots dating back to the mid 1970's. We are building on our heritage by providing hands-on learning experiences.
We are a small, diverse and agile technology company. Our team is experienced applying a wide array of products and services. We have experts in the fields of Information Technology Management, Manufacturing Management, Quality Assurance Services, Electronic, LED lighting technologies, Business Transformation, Lean and Continous Improvement.

Our Leadership Team

Marthanne Edwards - Business and Operations.

Ms Edwards brings more than 30 years experience in business, accounting and tax while working for educational, and for profit and non-profit organizations.

Ms Edwards holds a MS Accounting from Colorado State University.

Marc Soldner - Engineering and Technology

Mr. Soldner brings more than 30 years experience in strategic planning, quality, information management, and manufacturing

Mr Soldner holds a AS in Science from FRCC and a BS in Computers from Regis University

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